September 13, 2015
2 years, 11 months and 1 Day since
our Reunion.
It's our 70th

Welcome to our website.

We are going to try and keep this website up as long as we can.  We hope you check back often to keep up to date.   We hope the site provides some enjoyment, fun and a chance to connect with those classmates that you have missed over the years.  To help us keep in contact with you, please send your contact information (e-mail address, physical address) to and you will get updates on RHS 1963 news.  Make sure you enter your profile on the Classmates page and upload a current photo.  There are directions on the Classmates page to help you enter a profile.  We will take care of the photo showing what you looked like a half a century ago.   Take a look at the Missing Classmates page and help us contact anyone if you know their contact information.   If you have any comments, make sure you leave them on the Feedback page.    We hope you enjoy this website.

Make sure you go to the classmates page and enter your information.  We want to know what you have been up to in the years since graduation.  Upload a current photo too so we don't call you by the wrong name.  Hurry up and get your entry posted!
Reunion Quiz
Where did we go on our senior trip?

Mr. Krinke's house
Winona on a train
I wasn't conscious
Fishing on Gull Lake
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Did you enjoy the Reunion?

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